Dear Friends, ALWAYBUY PVT LTD provided you a best business at very low investment. So you can start the business invest and can be an individual distributor of ALWAYBUY PVT LTD. As you will be a distributor then you can get the company's product on DP rate neither MRP and you can resell the product to another and get profit. So friend to start this business earn you can open your account and register and account at the company website and can take an independent distributionship.

Before starting registration for distributionship you can understand about the company business plan.

So the Company Business Plan is-

Now you are an independent distributor so you get a first profit is retail profit.

MRP - DP = (10-25)%

You can get second profit by distribute the distributionship to any other person and you earn the 200/ Head and % difference commision.

Direct Reference Bonus = 200/Head

Additional Level Income (10-25)%

Company gives a fix Point Volume (PV) to each product and 1 PV = 25/- and 1 PV = 12 BV

Company gives you Commision of Total TurnOver of your ID about the point volume to purchase the product at the rate of DP.

50 PV 10%
601 PV 13%
2501 PV 16%
6001 PV 20%
10001 PV 25%

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Startup Business

We are simple startup business in ALWAYBUY Pvt Ltd company with a free cost joining to the reference any distributor.

Kit Of DP = 1250/-

  1. Smart Office Bag
  2. Diary
  3. File
  4. Pen
Income TypePercent/Amount
1Retail Income(10%-25%)
2Direct Honour Bonus 200/- per head
3Additional Level Income(10%-25%)
4Supervisor Club(15%)
5ROI Club Income(14%)
6Store Manager Income(5%)
7Ambassader Club(3%)